Welcome to Football Benchmark – our in-depth and purpose-built digital analytics platform on the business of football.

The platform covers three main pillars of information: financial and operational performance of football clubs, social media performance of players and clubs, and market valuations of footballers.

You can explore the extensive wealth of data at your discretion – the interactive platform allows you to assemble selected data into visually compelling and dynamic charts to suit your requirements. Whilst a large quantity of data has already been placed into Football Benchmark, it is by no means exhaustive: the majority of the database is only accessible to our Premium users and clients.
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The insights and analyses created by our team, based on the wealth of data collected in our platform, are regularly quoted by key business and sport media worldwide.
We also deliver insights to our followers on various social media channels and via our newsletter.
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Explore our platform and our insights - enjoy your time on Football Benchmark.

Andrea Sartori
Founder of Football Benchmark

Football Benchmark is an initiative managed by Ace Advisory, the sport and leisure business consultancy.