Welcome to Football Benchmark - an in-depth and interactive analysis of the financial, operational and social media performance of hundreds of professional football clubs. Our latest addition is the indicative market valuation of football players based on KPMG's proprietary algorithms.

Welcome to Football Benchmark – the leading business intelligence tool and primary source of football industry insight and knowledge.

Football Benchmark is aimed at meeting the growing need to compare and contrast football clubs and players´ performance, providing an in-depth and interactive analysis of the performance of professional football clubs and players.

The starting point of KPMG's dynamic platform is the collection of publicly-available, audited financial statements which are supplemented by statistics related to the operational, commercial and sports performance of football clubs from a range of public sources and gathered in the Club Finance & Operations tool.

The Social Media Analytics tool provides all subscribers with daily updated and historical tracking of the major new media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) of football clubs and football players.

At last, the Player Valuation tool, the latest addition to Football Benchmark, provides estimations of professional football players´ market values based on our proprietary algorithms. The tool covers a selection of high-profile European and South American leagues.

This huge pool of raw data is managed via a business intelligence system, which enables selected data to be extracted easily and assembled into visually compelling and dynamic charts.

Key performance indicators and ratios have been calculated to bring the data to life and enable comparisons across a variety of categories - such as club-to-club, peer groups, or countries, for instance.

You, the end user, are in charge of what data and insights are displayed on the screen. You can manipulate such data to suit the requirements of your business.

Whilst a large quantity of data has already been placed into Football Benchmark, it is by no means exhaustive. A significant proportion of the database is only accessible to our Premium users and clients.

To gain access to further data and more detailed analysis, we encourage you to get in contact with us to discuss your needs. Your feedback is invaluable to us and we are delighted to hear from you, please also use the available social media links to contact us or email us at

Enjoy your time on Football Benchmark!

Andrea Sartori
Partner, Global Head of Sports