The business of football stimulates many publications, studies and articles, which attempt to demonstrate an appreciation of the complex challenges and key issues faced by organisations connected with the football sector.


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In the latest episode we explain what are the costs associated to develop a new stadium and what are the European best practices.

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The Global Club Football Report 2017 is the first-ever global analysis of club football and provides a unique overview of the status of club licensing, regional club competitions, national top-tier championships (both senior men’s and women’s) and international transfers.

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In this article, KPMG´s Football Benchmark team provides further analysis on the different revenue distribution methods adopted by Europe’s big five leagues.

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In the latest episode we show the results of our "KPMG Football Clubs' Valuation" report, where we estimate the Enterprise Value of the 32 most prominent European football clubs.

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Starting from the premises of the Revenue Multiple used in corporate finance valuations, KPMG professionals developed a formula to provide an indication of the EV of the most prominent European football clubs.

Read more Juventus FC: Record breaker, history maker


Over the past decade, Juventus FC’s fortunes have contrasted wildly, ranging from off-the pitch problems which led to the first relegation in Serie B in the club’s history to the current period of unprecedented success on the football field.