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Behind the scenes: Europa League Quarter-finals


Squad market values, performance on the transfer market, earnings from participation in the UEFA Europa League, most valuable players, and social media growth since the beginning of the season.

Perfectly balanced: Financial overview of the Champions League quarter-finals


We have undertaken an analysis of the financial and business data of the eight clubs that have reached the quarter-finals of the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League.

Foreign controlling ownership in the European "Big Five" leagues


With the globalization of the football industry, takeover opportunities became open to a wider group and foreign owners are quite common nowadays. How many operate within each league and where do the foreign owners come from?

Are 90-match seasons on the horizon?


Let's examine what a player's season might look like during the 2024/25 period and what challenges it might present for teams.

Which club will be the first to reach one billion in revenue?


European clubs may seek to further diversify their revenues to gain control over a greater share of their total income. Indeed, several elite clubs are making significant strides in stadium development.

Unsustainable salaries and the grip of debt: Serie A loses another €427 million


A Football Benchmark Special by Marco Iaria with Andrea Sartori contribution.

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