Promoted clubs of the Big 5 leagues – returning giants and first-timers


Football resumes in most European top leagues around these days. The English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1 were the first of the Big 5 leagues to return to action last weekend. Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A kick off this weekend.

Match calendars had to be significantly altered to make space for the first ever FIFA World Cup to be held during the winter; the tournament will take place in Qatar between 21 November and 18 December. While most leagues start their campaigns earlier than usual to accommodate the World Cup, the international break in September will also be moved back a couple of weeks, and there will be no national team fixtures in October.

The Big 5 leagues are welcoming 14 promoted clubs among their ranks – all of them are hoping to gain a foothold in top tier football not only for the prestige, but also for the prospect of vastly increased revenues. Some clubs work hard for years to reach the top tier only to drop out the following season - in the last campaign, four clubs out of the 14 (35%) in these leagues were relegated to the second tier after only one year. Looking at this year’s newcomers, chances vary, as we see among the contenders such major clubs as Germany’s Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen, EPL’s Nottingham Forest as well as debutants to top tier football, such as Italy’s Monza.

This analysis provides an overview of all the promoted clubs within the top five leagues. The estimated squad values for these clubs refer to July 2022, based on our proprietary algorithms  (see our methodology here), with major transfers of the current, ongoing transfer window that were officially announced before August also taken into account.

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