The business of football stimulates many publications, studies and articles, which attempt to demonstrate an appreciation of the complex challenges and key issues faced by organisations connected with the football sector.


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According to UEFA, the 696 football clubs competing in the top divisions of the 54 UEFA member associations generated EUR 15.9 billion revenue in the 2013/14 season. In the five years since 2008/09 revenue has grown by 36%.

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With the financial rewards for remaining in the top European football divisions continue to grow, KPMG’s Football Benchmark Team investigated the total staff costs spent by football clubs who finished one place above relegation zone in four of the five major European leagues. 


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Whilst the European leagues take a short international match break, KPMG Sport Practice investigated how the top division in each of the ‘big five’ European leagues have been performing over the opening games of the new season in terms of matchday attendance levels.


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Football is capable of producing prodigious emotions for the fans of a club. Fashion brands also stimulate abundant passion and a sense of belonging. Determining whether the popularity, brand awareness and emotion that a football club can generate can compare to a well-established fashion brand is impossible, but a review of social media statistics can provide a partial answer.

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Based on publicly available financial statements for the 2013/14 season across the ‘big five’ European leagues, Manchester United FC is the club with the highest level of fixed assets. The club recorded fixed assets of just over EUR 750 million as properties (EUR 291 million), players’ registrations (EUR 255 million), and other fixed assets (EUR 206 million).

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In this article, KPMG Sports practice analyse the relationship between total staff costs incurred by clubs from the ‘big five’ leagues participating in the UCL and the revenues received from UEFA’s distribution system in the 2011/12-2013/14 period.