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Premier League broadcasting rights are several times higher than those of other major leagues: does the countries’ macro-economy justify such a major difference?


The latest broadcasting rights deal signed by the Premier League has set a new benchmark and widened the gap between English clubs and their continental peers. After successful negotiations between La Liga and broadcasters, the focus will now be on the Bundesliga’s upcoming deal and its ability to capitalize on the recent success of German football.

Attendance at matches in the US, China and India are starting to rival traditional football nations


In this analysis, the Football Benchmark team of KPMG Sport Practice focuses on the attendances of some of the fastest football markets globally - the US, China and India - and compares them to the "big five" European leagues.

UEFA Champions League - a closed shop?


As the group stages of this year’s competition draws to a close, KPMG Football Benchmark Team has looked at the evolution of the UEFA Champions League (“UCL”) in terms of the various nations represented in what is the pinnacle of European club football.




Almost a quarter of total commercial income in Europe’s top football leagues is centred around only five clubs


According to UEFA, the 696 football clubs competing in the top divisions of the 54 UEFA member associations generated EUR 15.9 billion revenue in the 2013/14 season. In the five years since 2008/09 revenue has grown by 36%.

How much do football clubs spend in wages to avoid relegation? 


With the financial rewards for remaining in the top European football divisions continue to grow, KPMG’s Football Benchmark Team investigated the total staff costs spent by football clubs who finished one place above relegation zone in four of the five major European leagues. 


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