The business of football stimulates many publications, studies and articles, which attempt to demonstrate an appreciation of the complex challenges and key issues faced by organisations connected with the football sector.


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Read more Football Clubs' Valuation: The European Elite 2020


Our fifth annual club valuation report ranks the 32 most prominent European football clubs based on their Enterprise Value (EV) at 1st January 2020.


Read more Player value not immune to pandemic


Hereby, we analyse the COVID-19 crisis’ impact on football players’ market values and provide player value estimates for two potential scenarios – a cancellation of the ongoing season and a completion of the season in the following months.

Read more Will 'OTT' shake up the football broadcasting industry?


The emergence of OTT service providers into the football broadcasting market is likely to bring about a shift in the rights broadcasting landscape. Hereby, we have analyzed the current situation and the potential changes.

Read more The 50+1 rule in the Bundesliga – Strength or weakness?


In this article, we look into how the 50+1 rule in the German Bundesliga works, its impacts on the game and the league’s business potentials.

Read more What are the major impacts of coronavirus on the game?


The coronavirus has brought an unprecedented complexity of logistic, financial and legal issues and dilemmas in the European football ecosystem. In this article, we are summing up the key questions to be addressed.

Read more Player valuation update: Bundesliga – a talent incubator?


With the 2020 winter transfer period behind us, and European club competitions back in full swing, KPMG Football Benchmark have released their updated player market value estimates.