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Attendances across the ‘big five’ territories was in excess of 77m in 2014/15


According to research undertaken by KPMG’s Sport practice, in the 2014/15 season, the top two divisions in each of the ‘big five’ European territories attracted, in aggregate, over 77 million spectators.  This equated to a year-on-year increase of just over 1% and was equivalent to an average attendance of 19,500 per game.

Is excessive wage spending on the decline?


Measuring a football club’s spending on total staff costs in comparison to how much it generates in total revenue has become one of the most often used high level indicators of performance. The resulting calculation can give a snapshot of the financial health of a football club, demonstrating how efficiently it manages its resources.

Champions League success appears challenging with total wage spend of less than €200m


As the 2014/15 season draws to a close, analysis from KPMG’s Sports practice suggests that, whilst success at domestic level across the European ‘big five’ leagues is possible with total wage expenditure of less than €200m, it is proving increasingly difficult to become European champion without going above this level.

ECA Club Management Guide (extract)


This publication is a unique mixture of practical and conceptual football club management, focusing on club core activities, environment and strategies. The ECA Club Management Guide is a collation of club representatives’ practical experiences in managing a football club

ECA Women Club Football Analysis


This report of the ECA analyses women's football from a club perspective. Topics such as women's club structure, relations with stakeholders as well as key success and constraint factors in the women's game are addressed.

Bundesliga Report 2015


This report presents the aggregated financial results of the 2013/2014  season. Focus is given to the record revenues achieved for the tenth consecutive year, growth in worldwide media rights, as well as to the overall socio-economic impact generated by the by the German football industry in terms of jobs created, tax and social contributions paid. 

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