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Sky Football Benchmark: 2019 Winter Transfer Window


In the first episode of Sky Football Benchmark 2019, we talked about the major transfers and the relevant figures of the latest Winter transfer Window. 
(English subtitles available)

Sky Football Benchmark: The European Elite 2018


In this special episode of Sky Football Benchmark, we review the report and present its headline findings.

The cost of relegation


In this week's Sky Football Benchmark episode, we take a look at the minimum price to pay to stay in a top division. (English subtitles available)

Sky Football Benchmark: Champions League qualification


Check out our latest Sky Football Benchmark on the cost of qualifying for the Champions League. 

Sky Football Benchmark: Juventus vs Napoli


In view of Sunday night's matchup, in the latest episode of Sky Football Benchmark we analyze Juventus and Napoli from an on and off-pitch point of view. 

UEFA Champions League: Familiar teams underline European football’s powerbase


In this article, the KPMG Football Benchmark team provides a financial comparison of the elite eight contenders in this year’s Champions League.

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