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Read more Why clubs are looking East: the attraction and benefits of tapping into the Asian market


As the appetite of European clubs for the Asian region continues to grow, we set out to provide an analysis of the current situation.

Read more 2016-17 record transfers: Inflated expenditure or within industry standards?


The KPMG Football Benchmark team has analysed the correlation between fees paid for the transfer of the most expensive footballers in recent years and the operating revenues of the clubs at the point of acquisition.

Read more 2018 UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking Report


The report is providing a granular guide to club football across all 55 UEFA member associations while identifying and documenting many of the important trends of our time.

Read more 2019 UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking Report


UEFA has released its tenth club licensing benchmarking report on European club football – authoritative overview of 700 top-division clubs highlights profits and record revenues and shows ten-year trends.

Read more 2020 UEFA Club Licensing Benchmarking Report


UEFA has released the 11th edition of the European Club Footballing Landscape report, its annual club licensing benchmarking report on European club football.

Read more A Blueprint for Successful Stadium Development


This study provides an analytical overview of the complex stadium development process and offers guidelines on maximising future revenue generation - prepared in cooperation with gmp, one of the world’s leading stadium architects.